Travel and Tourism

The topic I chose from my list of twenty things I love is travel and tourism. The reason I chose this topic is because of my love for the world and seeing and learning new things about different places and people. So I decided to do a little more research about travel and tourism and how it can be incorporated into poetry. I read a list about interesting facts about places around the world and civilization there; I could probably write a poem that relates to politics based on government laws, economics, or even gender injustice in places around the world compared to where I know and live. One really interesting fact I learned from that list is that ten percent of the Russian government’s income comes from the sale of vodka. When researching other poems that were written about the different aspects of travel and tourism, I came across a poem titled “For A Good Friend” by Pradeep Dhavakumar:

To travel with a friend is to travel on a cruise ship,
For there will be laughter, music, dance and wine;
Yet you still secretly check for life jackets and rafts,
And only sleep safe when your swimming is fine.

To travel with a true friend is to travel in a wooden boat,
With just a limbless you, him, against the mighty tides;
Yet your eyes will close, knowing there can happen only two:
His hands will save you, or with you in him he would, fly…

I like this poem because it focuses on the  positive aspects of travelling, including the company alongside a tourist and the experience itself, as well as the negative and dangerous side to travelling; It’s a very adventure focused poem.
Another idea I came up with after reading travel related words in Italian and in Arabic, was incorporating different languages into my poetry by changing the voices in my poem; I could add dialogue between a tourist and a resident in a different language or even have a polyvocal poem in which both the resident’s and the tourist’s perspective about the ups and downs of travel is told.

Lastly, I read facts about geography that I found to be really cool because they were fascinating in that I would never imagine them to be true. For example, San Fransisco and Melbourne are at identical distances from the equator!


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