Yes, I am a Youtube junkie. But aside from the fact that I excessively watch Youtube videos for entertainment, I think Youtube is also one of the best means of communication and art. Now, what I mean by this is that Youtube is the link between the many faces of the world. It allows everyone a chance to express their thoughts or do what they like best, whether it is making funny videos or going on a rant about how Forever 21 was closed over the weekend. It allows us to connect and feel like we belong somewhere along the lines from Drake’s new music video to the laughing kittens video. Youtube gives everyone a voice to let their opinions be heard. So what does Youtube have to do with art? Well similar to digital poetry, the fact that we use technology to experience art should not be the barrier between art and a computer. Youtube is art in that it has range- it is abstract; it makes us feel something.  Imagine it as a printed book or as a recording; the Youtube collage’s impact would be different but the content would stay the same. Some philosophers have theories about aesthetics  that state whatever sparks emotion is art. So when you’re at an art gallery and you see a bunch of scribbles on paper, and then become annoyed or angry that your little sister could do the same thing, that is what proves that the piece is a successful piece it provoked fury, emotion. Youtube is similar to this in that most videos ignite some kind of emotion and this is what makes it a form of art. This makes me wonder, however, if all of the World Wide Web is a form of art as well because, after all, the webpages only need to provoke emotion!



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