Onomatopoeia is the creation of a word that derives from the sound something makes. It can be used to define someone’s imagination whenever a story is being told or a poem is being recited. For example, “baa baa black sheep” is used in a children’s poem. The word “baa” comes from the sound a sheep makes– it is an onomatopoeia. This idea of making a sound into a word developes a background meaning to it. For example, from the Harry Potter series the character Ron Weasley’s last name is onomatopoeic because it is driven from the word “weasel”, or to weasel out of something, just like the way his character behaves throughout the novel. By using onomatopoeic words, we can add detail to the images in our mind when a sound is made or when a poem is read. Another example is the usage of the word “hiss”. It originates from the sound a snake makes to describe snake related actions. A picture may say a thousand words but a sound can say just as many!







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