Effects of the Bass

Without the bass, a song that is played is only a song; You can hear it, but you can’t feel it. Increasing the bass to any sound will increase the movement to it. If, for example, the sound is a bee that is buzzing, then the bass will bring that sound to life by increasing the pitch to it, whereas with a very low bass the noise will just be noise; it will not have an effect on you. Although we are subconscious about this, the bass plays a great role in our reaction to sound. In an interview with Corin Faife, a writer, composer and activist, it was stated that “Ten speakers fixed at different points within the structure across different floors play sounds that vary according to mood, decided by the level of activity.” When the sound is delivered from a speaker at a low-frequency, the air pressure is higher and thus the bass is increased. We can conclude that the bass brings the sound to life by increasing the pitch of a sound. Using this idea, we can control the way something is supposed to feel as an emotion by manipulating it as it is heard to the ear. For example, if I were to use a low, fast-paced sound to generate a scary feeling, it wouldn’t be as effective as if I were to add a vibration to that noise. Using this information, I think the best way to recite any piece of writing is to take the ropes of our vocal chords into our palms. To use sound for more effectiveness on someone’s emotions, our vocal chords can do the job for us with a little practice. The stronger the pitch, the stronger the efefct! 






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