Clapping Music

Clapping music was discovered by Steve Reich in 1972. The idea of this music was to exclude any instruments other than the human body. What I found to be really interesting about this style of music was that he chose to use hands. There are many other ways to produce music using the human body including singing using the voice or even tap dancing using the feet. Clapping is a very common human activity that is actually making music subconsciously, and he realized this. Steve Reich took this norm, added rhythm to it and shaped it into music. I used to play an instrument or two in middle school so I don’t have the strongest background on music notes, but I learned that an instrument isn’t necessary to put together a sheet of music; you can do it with any sound, including clapping. The notes for this piece are written to harmonically join two pairs of hands together to create music. This idea of music can be used to put together a piece for the clicking of the tongue as well. A rhythm can be made and the notes can be written. Just like the hand clapping music, tongue clicking music can also be made.




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