Investigation- Angela Rawlings

Angela Rawlings, or a.rawlings, is a York University graduate. Though she is a poet, she also engages in dance, theatre, and literature. I found Angela Rawlings’ work to be a bit different; strange, yet entertaining. She likes to explore the possibilities that come with language in her work. Rawlings plays with the kinetic, visual, and aural qualities of the text. She pays attention to the movement of the body when a certain text is read, and even arranges the words so that the eyes move across a page in a certain way. The letters and words used in the text generate aural value. I believe the aural technique is the most prominent one when watching her poetry being recited. The piece I really enjoyed called “Collect, kill and mount specimen” was a very sad piece but had terrific aural value. What I mean by this is that it was just great to listen to in terms of sound. Her influences include experience in numerous art organizations. Angela Rawlings has collaborated with Derek Beaulieu, a Canadian poet, Jaap Blonk, and Maja Janter. Her style can be compared to these artists because they all experiment with sound. Angela Rawlings is continuing her work by investigating different strategies of using sound, movement and text.



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